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Appearances can be deceiving - 17th August, 2021

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Is looking fit the same as being fit?

Humans love to admire beautiful things: Roses, diamonds and the bodies of other humans.

The world propagates this ideal of 6 pack abs, lean body, big waists and low body fat, but is this ideal a perfect physique?

What your body looks like is based on not just the food you eat and the training you do but also the genes that you have inherited from your parents.

Being fit is a combo of physical movement and proper nutrition. When you train for strength, you gain strength; when you prepare for stamina, you gain stamina, and when you engage with these movements your body is enriched and becomes an ideal to strive towards for others as well.

People who look and sell you a specific look have either achieved them through rigorous dieting, which is not sustainable in the long run or through illegal means of performance-enhancing drugs.

Being fit means taking care of your body- giving it the right food, the proper movement and accepting your physique irrespective of the way it looks.

Being fit doesn’t just mean looking the part but also putting it into action.

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