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Honey, what's for lunch? - 16th August, 2021

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Which meal is the most important?

You wake up in the morning, and as your awareness comes to you, so does hunger. Your stomach craves and now must satiate it.

There’s been much debate around which meal is the most important one. Every meal that you choose to eat has a place and is equal in importance. Why, you ask?

We burn energy in the form of calories.

These calories are obtained from eating. We need to consume certain amounts of nutrients- macro and micro to sustain a healthy life.

Each meal that you eat should have the appropriate amount of divisions of Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates, which are essential for the proper functioning of your body.

It would be best if you strived to add a full home-cooked meal with little to no processed food in every meal.

No meal should be discriminated against as these meals all feed you the right energy for the day.

It’s the quality of the meal that should matter, not when you are eating it.

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