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Sleep Well , Rest Well- 14th August, 2021

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

What happens when you sleep?

How much to sleep? Why is sleep important? I function best on 3 hours of sleep. What exactly should I do to sleep better?

Okay.. First of all, you don't function best on 3 hours of sleep. No. NO. Never! Don't ever say that again.

Now. We all have seen that person who is off to bed by 8:00 PM no matter what the event. He/she is also up by 5:00 AM. So UNCOOL! Right?


Unpopular Opinion (More like fact) - That's a much better way to live than to be alive (awake) like a zombie. Ouch. That hurt and I'm not sorry.

Now that these are out of the way, let's get to why Sleep is important.

  1. We are humans, not machines - we need rest.

  2. That's the recovery time - all of what we do in our day takes a toll on our body. And yes, work from home too!

  3. We have a bucket of sleep which keeps getting empty every time we sleep late or have a cool night out. When this bucket gets completely empty, we start getting ill. Diseases creep in.

  4. Dreaming time - it has been proven time and again that Dreaming is important for a healthy emotional and mental health. It also keeps our daily thinking intact. That means, if we get less of it, it's gonna be a problem mister! (or missus)

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