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Our Personal training program aims to help you achieve specific health goals. Be it fat loss, muscle gain, getting fitter, injury rehab, covid recovery or special cases like PCOS/PCOD, Back Pain, Knee Pain etc. We offer 60 min 1 on 1 personal training both at our Studio as well as Online. We closely track your lifestyle using our lifestyle score where we track your sleep, activity, nutrition, hydration and feeling to collectively give your lifestyle a score.

Online PT

Fitness technology has opened the door to many fun and exciting ways to get in shape, according to your lifestyle and preferences. Need to be in a supportive class setting? Want the freedom to exercise from home or a park? No problem! There are so many options out there that you can easily make fitness a part of your daily routine – no matter how busy you are!

With online personal training, the gym and personal training experience comes to you. Whether on your laptop or your phone, remote fitness coaching provides flexibility and expert trainer knowledge at a low price point. Online personal training is a rapidly evolving way to exercise that allows the average budget-conscious person to work with a certified professional over the internet.


What Are The Benefits of Online Personal Training? 

Remote fitness coaching gives you the freedom to get fit based on your schedule and budget. You’re getting many of the benefits of an expert personal trainer without the hassle of the commuting or paying a club pricing structure. Online fitness coaching offers flexibility that works with your schedule. If you work late into the night, face-to-face personal trainers are limited to the hours of the gym. Online fitness coaches are available to you at whatever time you need.


Is Online Personal Training Right for Me? 

Given its convenience and effectiveness, online personal training is great for almost anyone. It’s important to remember that your focus should be on finding the best way you can achieve your fitness goals. Online personal training might be that option for you since it is a proven and popular way to help reach an ideal weight loss or muscle building goals but it’s not the only way. However, if one of the following describes you, then online personal training will work exceptionally well for you.

You’re not making progress

Maybe you’ve tried time and time again to follow the latest diets or trendy workout plans, but never quite got the result you wanted. You’ve decided it’s time to reach your goal and the only way to do it is to hire a professional. Online personal training puts you in touch with a wealth of knowledge, support, and motivation to help you succeed.

You travel a lot

If your job requires constant travel or if you’re just a fan of backpacking for a few months, online personal training can come with you no matter where you go.

You want to work out at home

Online personal training lets you work out in the comfort of your own home while saving you the cost of an expensive gym membership. That’s more money saved for retirement goals, healthy food, or new clothes after weight loss.



You have a busy schedule

Online personal training lets you take your workout with you wherever you are. All you have to do is go on your computer or open up an app on your iPhone and get started.



You don’t live near a gym with trainers

Not all gyms have trainers. Local, newly-opened, or pop-up franchise gyms rarely have certified personal trainers available to you. Online coaching can put you in touch with experienced  trainers who match your schedule. It’s a far more convenient option then driving across town to find a great trainer who is affordable.



You’ve never hired a personal trainer

If you’re someone who needs that face-to-face contact with an in-person trainer, but you’re not sure if a trainer is right for you, online personal training can be an inexpensive way to test it out before fully committing. Remember, in-person trainers along with a gym membership can be expensive. Before you spend all that money and commit to a training contract, try a no-hassle test run with online coaching.

If you fall into any 1 of the buckets above, Online Personal Training is the perfect product for you!

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