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IN Strength & Conditioning

At VyomFITwe aim to help women find their true potential using our Strength & Conditioning classes specially curated for womenThese classes are designed and programmed keeping your body and requirements in mind. Strength & Conditioning is a fitness program that use principles from sports specific training to improve your movement quality, prevent injuries, delay / avoid old age health complications and lead a better quality of life. To know more about Strength & Conditioning and why you should be doing it, read our blog article.







IN Person OR Online.

Our group classes stream live so you can have realtime feedback from you coach and not just follow a recorded video. 

Group Classes

Our Group Classes are coach led Strength & Conditioning classes specially curated for women. These classes aim to improve your movement quality using sports science ranging from injury prevention, diet guidance, strength building, developing stamina and leading a better quality of life. Moreover, these classes aim to inculcate better lifestyle by developing healthier habits one day at a time.

Personal Training

Our Personal training program aims to help you achieve specific health goals. Be it fat loss, muscle gain, getting fitter, injury rehab, covid recovery or special cases like PCOS/PCOD, Back Pain, Knee Pain etc. We offer 60 min 1 on 1 personal training both at our Studio as well as Online. We closely track your lifestyle using our lifestyle score where we track your sleep, activity, diet, hydration and feeling to collectively give your lifestyle a score.

Explore VyomPlan

The only Fitness Plan you will ever need

S&C for Women

  • Unlimited S&C Classes

  • Diet Guidance

  • Habit Reset Program

Personal Training

  • ​​Upto 4 PT # / week

  • Diet Guidance

  • Unlimited Group Classes

  • Habit Reset Program


Our coaches work hard to create exercises right for you. 


Specializing in Nutrition


Specializing in Anatomy


Specializing in Movement

Ravi Shivekar

Specialising in weight loss

HERE First

Hear what our clients have to say about their workouts and their experiences.

Hand down 5 stars to VyomFIT. Associated with this group since quite a long time. I have been closely trained under Nikita. Not only her but every coach is determined, passionate about achievement of goals and giving you a perspective about Fitness and life. Rohit has been ever-motivating and brings back the lost discipline and motivation! Try on! 5 Stars!

Devanshi Srivastava

Online Group Class

I have been training with Nikita at VyomFIT for over 2 years. The level of knowledge that they have in the field is amazing. No quick hacks, no false promises. Just pure dedication and hard work to help you become better version of yourself everyday: that's their commitment. And I could not have asked for more.

Prachi Mehta

Online PT

VyomFIT is the best place you can go to for improving your fitness. All the coaches are very friendly and knowledgeable and provide you with best quality of training you can ask for. The daily workouts are always different hence you never get bored. Olympic Weightlifting is my favourite part. I highly recommend anyone reading this to give it a shot and look for yourself.


Studio Group Class