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Move like an Athlete. #ReInventYourself with VyomFIT 

Science Based

Our Training methodology is backed by Science and we will explain it while we COACH you!

Lifestyle Change

We help you invest efforts in your Fitness that will compound the results in the longer run.


We help you realise the qualtitative aspect of Fitness that is beyond numbers

Track Progress

We help you track your progress throughout OUR journey and constantly suggest steps


Stay connected with everyone like you on this journey with our app and share your experiences

Fact of the Day

Proteins your best friends - 28th September,2021

Protein, the building block of all life. Not only essential for the body but the regulation of a healthy mind too! Read ahead

Fields of Gold

About Us

Founded by IIT Kharagpur Alumni, we at VyomFIT believe in only the highest standards of Fitness training. We are working towards making the World a Healthier & Happier place. Our goal is to educate you about Fitness & Health and in the process make you #ReInventYourself. People love us for our coaching excellence, personal touch and attention to detail! We believe that anyone with the ability to move has the potential to become a #VyomAthete. Our mission is to provide Fitness to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.